Six reasons we use the Reach and Wash system for cleaning windows

Our recommendation

We’ve been cleaning windows since 1999 and with all that experience we would recommend using the “Reach and Wash” system to clean windows wherever possible. It offers several advantages over the traditional method of cleaning windows with an applicator and squeegee.

  1. No risk of workers falling and injuring themselves or other people.
  2. No sticky residues from detergent are left on the glass. This results in your windows staying cleaner for longer.
  3. No need for chemicals and detergents, saving the environment.
  4. Less chance that your property or garden will be damaged by the use of ladders.
  5. Windows that may be inaccessible off a ladder can be reached safely with the pole.
  6. Your privacy is maintained as all windows are cleaned from the ground.

How does it work?

A tank of purified water is mounted in the back of our van. This water is pumped from our van through a hose and an extendible pole to the specialised brush head. The brush head, with water spraying out, is used to clean the window and wash the dirt away. After the glass has been cleaned, the brush head is lifted off the glass surface, and more water is sprayed on to the window to give it a final rinse. The glass is then left to dry naturally.


If you want your windows to sparkle and shine without the use of nasty chemicals, then call West London Cleaning Services for a free quotation.

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